Vlad Kary was born in Ternopil, Ukraine in 1977 and received his first guitar as a gift for his 15th birthday. For three years he taught himself to play by ear. At age 18 he was introduced to one of the great jazz guitarists in Ukraine who taught him jazz theory. Those lessons lit a fire inside him that has only grown stronger with time. Vlad and his friend Sergiy Rodko, started their own Christian rock band, Shykina, in 1997 and for the next 6 years they recorded 3 albums and toured throughout Europe.

 In 2004, Vlad moved to the United States. Since moving to Durham, NC he has shared the stage with Bobby Hinton, Aaron Mills ( Cameo ), Tony Wrenn, Robert Sledge ( Ben Folds Five ), Rob Ladd ( Don Henley ), Dale Baker ( Sixpence None The Richer ) and others. He also plays lead guitar with some of the area's top musicians at New Horizon Church in Durham.

In 2007, A&R executive Cliff Cultreri, who discovered such great guitar players as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, heard Vlad play and invited him to his home to jam. Recognizing the young man's talent, Cliff has been helping to foster Vlad's career ever since.

Vlad's musical influences have been guitarists with varied styles, such as Gary Moore, Robben Ford, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Pass, Andy Timmons and many others. Vlad mixes these styles to create his own unique sound of fusion, blues, rock and jazz. While technique is important, a good melodic line and soulful sound are the most important aspects of his music.

Vlad's first U.S. solo album "After Tonight" was recognized by Jimi Hendrix IM Institute: "Vlad's debut American release, a selection of seven tracks, includes his own take on Hendrix as one of the paths he takes us on. The tracks take us on different musical journeys, with the lead tracks being the Eric Johnson-styled "Waves of Change" to the love ballad serene "Let Me Be With You". Overall, production is excellent, Vlad's guitar work is certainly something to be reckoned with."