peace will come

Vlad's new instrumental album "Peace Will Come" will be released worldwide on March 1st 2024. Recorded in the USA and Ukraine, it is a very special album. It's funky, bluesy, jazzy and anything in between. 

Pre-Order Date: 1/15/2024

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after tonight

In 2010 Vlad released his first U.S. album, After Tonight. Here is a review of the album by Jimi Hendrix IM Institute: "Vlad's debut American release, a selection of seven tracks which includes his own take on Hendrix as one of the paths he takes us on. The seven tracks take us on different musical journeys, with the lead tracks being the Eric Johnson-styled "Waves of Change" to the love ballad serene " Let Me Be With You". Overall, production is excellent, Vlad's guitar work is certainly something to be reckoned with."

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